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Participation: Vendor can rent a location (“Space”) to exhibit and sell/display their product within the Area (Areas are assigned) by completing and submitting this form. Vendors are typically accepted on a First Come First Serve basis until all spaces are full, but priority is given to returning Vendors. The location of the Vendor’s Space will be at the sole discretion of the Festival. This will be used to promote vendor as well as raise funds for designated charities associated with the festival.


Hours of Operation: The Festival will operate on outside lot from 2:00 p.m.-9 p.m. All Vendors are required to be ready to conduct business by 2:00 pm and continue until the event ends.  Acceptable Payment for Products Sold: Vendor is responsible for their accepted method of payment, i.e. credit card, checks, cash. Vendor retains all proceeds from merchandise sold by Vendor. Vendor Participation Fee and Equipment Set-up: For fee to participate as a vendor along with further information and fees, please apply here ( refundable only with 2 weeks written notice prior to Feb, 08th, 2020 ) Vendors are required to provide their entire display including tables and chairs, sinks, and generators. Space size is 14 x 14 for truck vendors/ 8 x 10 for tents/displays must be appropriate for outdoors. 

Food Vendors are required to provide the following – complete this form and email to by Jan, 15, 2020


Banners & Signage: Signs and/or banners pertaining to Vendor’s items must be attached to your booth and cannot be projected beyond its height.

Setup/Teardown: Vendor’s sites will be assigned and we require you set-up Feb, 08, 2020 by 1 pm. Our Vendor Coordinators will check you in, give you your assigned site and access wristbands. A maximum of 6 persons per vendor will be given access bands, and your helpers MUST be on our designated list prior to arrival. No substitutions will be allowed.


Tear-down: begins after 8:00 pm. Vendor is responsible for removing all trash and debris from their Space during tear-down.


Parking:  Unloading will be allowed at the door, but vendors are not allowed to park anywhere that may obstruct  the entrance.

Electrical Power: Electrical power available/ vendor is responsible for providing necessary electrical cables.

Disclaimer and Indemnity: The Festival will be held rain or shine to the best abilities of the Presenter. Presenter makes no representation as to the number of potential Festival attendees and assumes no liability for any financial loss due to Vendor’s operation at Festival. Vendor assumes all responsibility for loss, personal injury and/or liability for any damage to its property or merchandise. Vendor expressly agrees to indemnify, protect and hold harmless the Presenter, its officers, directors, principals, executive committee members, volunteers and Festival Sponsors from any liability whatsoever in connection at the event.

Expected crowd: 800 +

Vendors 45 (20 Food Vendor Limit )

Submit Vendor application here